Healthy snacks

18 thoughts on “Healthy snacks”

  1. I’m definitely gonna try the fruit crisps! Our house has over indulged in the treats over the Christmas period. I think I’m gonna need to wean the kids off sugar 🙈


  2. What a great idea to use older fruit like this! This is something my teenagers would love to make as they are very much into their fitness and love trying healthy snacks. Thank you for sharing! #thesatsesh


  3. #thesatsesh Id be really interested to know how the veg crisps go, so I’m hoping you pop back to the linky to share the love…i adore veggie crisps and know they are so naughty for me, ops! oh well, we all need indulgences.


    1. 😁 yes, yes we do. I really your link up – there’s a nice mix of posts shared there, I’ll definitely be joining you again. And yes, so many people have been interested in the fruit and veg crisps I might well give them their own blog post soon 😊


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