Matchmaker chocolate orange cookies

20 thoughts on “Matchmaker chocolate orange cookies”

  1. Brown sugar in cookies is one of my total favourites, Aspen (my 13 year old) is our chef, I will give this to her to bake for us, yummy! #thesatsesh


    1. Absolutely! I’m a big fan of using whatever i’ve got in the cupboard 😊. I’ve been thinking mini smarties would give a good texture and a chopped up bar of fudge or two would be delicious (Vic has asked if we can make cookies tomorrow and I think i’m going to try this). I hope you enjoy them x

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  2. I think it’s a brilliant idea to use leftover matchmakers as the chocolate chips! I love making cookies with my two children but half the chocolate always gets eaten along the way so I am very impressed by how focused your children look!


    1. They were so desperate to make these that they cleared and cleaned the table first πŸ‘. This was quite a big box of chocolate (130g I think) so we did eat quite a few while we werecommend making them. Thanks for stopping by.


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