Chocolate chip loaf cake

44 thoughts on “Chocolate chip loaf cake”

  1. OH now that looks yummy! I am sure I can swing that with my little girl. We love to bake! #thatsaturdayseesh


    1. That’s great, kids learn so much from cooking. My children really enjoy getting in the kitchen (though I think some of the enthusiasm comes from knowing that they get to eat the treats at the end of it 😊). Thabks for stopping by


  2. LOVE IT! I read this post as soon as you linked up to the #Dreamteam. We have everything (except the cocoa powder) to make this. So I’m hoping to give this a go later in the week. I love loaf cakes, they always cook so nicely and you can hardly ever go wrong. Which is kind of why I’m so keen to give this a whirl hehe. Never tried the choccy version before. xx

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    1. Thanks so much, you’ve got some lovely recipes on your blog so I’m taking it as a big complement that you like the look of this cake 😊. And yes, the kids loved making it, and are asking to make it again. Thanks for stopping by

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