Healthy snacks – fruit and veg crisps

37 thoughts on “Healthy snacks – fruit and veg crisps”

  1. I love making vegetable and fruit crisps and chews for my little boy too, but I use a dehydrator instead of the oven. Your parsnips look yummy! I’m going to try those. #DreamTeam


    1. These crisps have gone down so well that I think I’m going to invest in a dehydrator. I was really impressed with the parsnip crisps, they were my favourite out of the vegetables I tried. Thanks for stopping by


    1. 😊 brilliant, I hope you like them. Kiwi were my absolute favourite (strawberries were good too though). Carrot and squash are next on my list to try but I have a hugely sweet tooth so I’ll be doing more fruit at some point (we always have a glut of raspberries in the summer so I’ll be giving them a go). Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. #thesatsesh wonderful ideas – so my question is, time wise would you make them again? cutting and cooking, cooling etc seems to be consuming? i love the idea of the fruit crisps 🙂 thanks for joining us, I do find your recipes inspiring


    1. Thank you! The cutting and cooling took no time at all but you’re right, the cooking takes a while. I’ll definitely make them again (especially the fruit ones) but you’re right, it takes a bit of planning to make sure they’re finished before I need to use the oven for tea. I’ll probably end up getting a dehydrator if we keep eating them this regularly!


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