Welsh cakes (Bakestones)

29 thoughts on “Welsh cakes (Bakestones)”

    1. Oooh, start her young, though. Mine used to sit in the kitchen with me as babies, playing with wooden spoons or plastic bowls, bits of pasta rec. My youngest is 2 1/2 and has been taste testing, stirring egg for a good few months now 😊. Thanks for stopping by


  1. Love welsh cakes! I was born in Wales and lived there until 2 years ago, studied Welsh at but I had no idea these were called bake stones! Also I’ve never made them myself so will definitely give this recipe a try XX #thesatsesh


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I moved from Wales over 10 years ago now (but I’m only an hour away from home so I get to go back often). I thought everyone in Wales called them bakestones (predictive text just changed that to gallstones 😂) but one of my work colleagues is also Welsh and had never heard of it either! I guess it depends where you come from. I hope you enjoy them xx


  2. Aww it’s so nice that you’re kids are interested in cooking! Also I love Welsh cakes! My parents live in Wales so I often get them to bring me over a few! x

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  3. #thesatsesh – saved and I’ll make some this weekend. However, I’ve several questions – what do you put with them? (butter / jam?) and when do you eat them – afternoon snack or tea, breakfast? I love the images of your little one getting stuck in, I’m also hoping little dude may want to join me…feeling inspired!

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    1. Thanks, that means a lot. You can eat them without anything added (although some people sift caster sugar over them while they are still warm for extra sweetness). I’m sure it’d taste good with a bit of jam on though. I’ll quite happily eat them any time of day 😊 though my favourite is as a snack with a cuppa. Vic really enjoyed making this, she did pretty much every job (with some help). It’s definitely a good one for kids, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by xx

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